Lufthansa first class and premium services

The rise of Lufthansa

Although its heritage can be traced back as far as 1926, modern day Lufthansa formed in 1953. From humble beginnings with a mere 8 aircraft, offering domestic flights between West Germanys five airports the company has built upon these foundations to become one of the largest airliners the world has seen.

As of 2014 Lufthansa successfully operated 430 aircraft, reaching 235 airports over 78 different countries, a proportion of which due to the success of the Star Alliance, which Lufthansa co-founded. With over 76 million passengers choosing to fly with Lufthansa it’s nothing short of extraordinary that they maintain such high levels of customer service and satisfaction. Widely regarded as the industry leader in luxury air travel, quality pervades all aspects of their operation and encompasses what Lufthansa stand for as a company.

The Lufthansa economy experience

For those that have had an in-flight experience in Lufthansa’s economy or business class it may be hard to comprehend just how this experience compares to the first class alternative. With free drinks and meals, exquisite service and on demand entertainment, its economy service is recognised as one of the best and rightly so!

The fact of the matter is that however helpful and friendly the air crew may be and the high standard of the amenities and comfort on board, there are some things that the lesser classes simply cannot cater for. For starters there’s the arduous task of navigating the airport and arriving at your designated terminal only to be faced with an excruciating wait. Combined with the hustle and bustle associated with any major airport with their (almost!) never ending queues and stressful doesn’t quite cover it!

Although your journey is made as comfortable as possible by your hosts and hostesses there are scenarios in-flight too that can have an adverse effect on your comfort. Due to the close proximity of passengers in economy and to a lesser extent business class, the privacy and personal space to relax and do as you wish in flight without affecting another passenger or vice versa, is in some cases unavoidable. Thankfully the solution is simple: Lufthansa first class.


The journey begins…

The first class experience starts long before you set foot on an aircraft, recognizing that your pre-flight experience is just as important as the service you receive in-flight; Lufthansa offers a premium first class lounge service. Unlike many other VIP lounges Lufthansa’s begins outside the airport with their valet service, which not only takes the hassle out of parking but transferring to the airport too.


From there a personal assistant is on hand to advise on what terminal and gate you need to make your way to and upon request guide you through security and passport control to the lounge area. Now that the hard part is out of the way it’s time to relax and what better way to do so than within the luxurious surroundings of the Lufthansa lounge, where fine ‘wining’ and dining is just the beginning of your Lufthansa experience. The premium lounge provides the perfect setting to Lufthansa first class flight and offers a taste of what’s to come before boarding via a chauffeur driven limousine!

A class apart

The first class service offered by Lufthansa is incomparable – like its exemplary ground service, to fully appreciate it in all its glory it needs to be experienced! Stepping into a first class cabin is noticeably different from the lower classes; each passenger is situated in a fully customizable seat within their own definable area.


Everything is catered for from fine cuisine and award winning wine to advanced entertainment facilities. For those on long haul flights (or for those who have taken full advantage of the fine dining!) the first class seating transforms into a bed fully equipped with privacy screens so you remain undisturbed.


First class cabins also come equipped with a personal amenities kit, fully stocked with in-flight essentials that are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed upon landing. The hardest part of travelling first class with Lufthansa will be stepping off the aircraft!

International recognition

Putting aside the immersive in flight experience and operational efficiency, the unparalleled levels of customer care both in the air and on the ground are major parts of Lufthansa’s identity. With that said it’s not surprising that Lufthansa’s customer reviews are consistently high levels for its first class cabins.

Undoubtedly the highest accolade Lufthansa has received is a 5 star rating courtesy of the globally renowned authority on all things airline related, Skytrax. After evaluating all the aspects of travelling first class with Lufthansa, from their ground services to the in-flight experience the highest approval rating which can be awarded to an airline was bestowed upon Lufthansa. Considering the amount of competition in an industry saturated with airliners claiming to offer an unbeatable service this level of recognition speaks volumes!

To simply review the services and amenities offered by Lufthansa doesn’t do it justice, however appealing they are it’s the smaller things that often go unnoticed such as the beautiful surroundings or the tireless dedication of staff that make the airline what it is. Its only by experiencing Lufthansa’s first class package that travellers get a true appreciation for this special and world renowned service.